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OOM: Let's fire up the Quattro

He'd kept a cab waiting, all the better to make a quick exit. He supposes it doesn't really make a difference now though, except the fact that he'd rather they come for him when he's already back in his office and not out here on the street like a scumbag.

She looks knackered. He doesn't say anything but does keep his eyes on her from behind his shades. Seeing her again, alive and awake - he can't articulate to himself how relieved he is. How right this feels, having her back.

But it doesn't stop it being awkward too. Impossible for it not to be, really. He did shoot her.
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She's wobbly as a foal on ice, her legs still weak from three months of disuse. She leans on him heavily, her eyes blinking at the world around her, trying to focus. He helps her into the cab and she doesn't quite want to let go of his hand just yet.

"What day is it?"
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"No, not what day -- what day? Did I miss Christmas?"

She grips his arm tighter when he shifts, her eyes closing to cover the wince. Everything still aches. Even her hair aches.
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It says a lot about the two of them that she doesn't even question, she just takes the bottle and sighs, waiting for the cab to hit a smooth patch before knocking a drink back.

When she's done, she hands it back to him, and takes his arm again. She's not about to be knocked around in the back of a cab while she's in this state. He can just deal with it.

"I left -- there's a package. For your mum. In the flat. I'll have to post it."
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"It's just some chocolates. Nothing fancy."

Her eyes drift closed and she rests her head back on the seat.

"Be pleased to know you've sprung me, you mean?"
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"I know what you meant, Gene."

She squeezes his arm, her face rippling with emotion for a moment before her jaw clenches.

(She can still see the face of that young copper, his uniform spotless, a lock of hair curled across his brow, and half his face blown away, the red, ragged edge of the wound vivid in her memory.)
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No, no she's not. She's just been torn away from the world with her little girl all over again. But she's here, with him. (Where she belongs.) And there's already a twist of guilt in her gut over that truth.

"Just tired is all. Where are we?"
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She looks across at him in the dim light, feeling a bit lost now that she's not holding onto him anymore.

So much has happened since she last saw him.

So much happened at the end. (Before she left? Returned? None of it makes sense anymore.)

Right now, she just wants to drink in the sight of him. (Where she belongs.) Just for a few more minutes before she has to give him back to the world.
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Her brow knits, the emotions of that day returning through the haze of her memory. She'd been so livid with him, and he with her.

And in a heartbeat, he'd wiped that all away. None of it mattered anymore.

Her voice is low, barely more than a whisper.

"I didn't lie to you."

It's important to her that he knows that.
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Her gaze shifts to the middle of his chest, and suddenly he's too far away. He's been shouting at her in her dreams for months, angry and scared and lost, and now all she can think about is holding him close.

"I can handle myself. I am a police officer, you know." It's a half-hearted tease.

She keeps tight hold of the lip of the table instead. He hasn't forgiven her. She wonders if he ever will.

"I wanted to tell you, but -- the time was never right."

First Supermac. Then Chris. Then that blonde woman he was so intent on protecting. Tiny's sister. What was her name?

"What happened with Jeanette?"
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She doesn't have any claim on him as far as that goes. The simple fact resonates in her body, setting up an ache in her head and in her chest. They were unbreakable. What happened?

Her hand drifts out to touch his lapels, but she feels too weak, too shattered to pull him close. He is her strength. She needs to find her way back to him, or she's lost. She knows that know, and the how and the why of it doesn't matter.

"I thought I'd lost you."
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Her lips twitch. Almost a smile.

"I'll try," she says.

There's a long moment as the silence of the garage surrounds them. Ray's words from the bank of televisions in the shop come back to her. He's been on the run, cut off from his team. From his family. And at Christmas, too.

"Where did you go?"
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"So am I."

He can see that much.
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"Me too."

It feels like they've come to the ends of the earth.
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He kneels in front of her and just a flash of sunlight catches his hair. It's gone golden, she thinks. From his time in Spain?

He lifts up her shirt, and her breath catches. There's a flash of pain, not in her side, but behind her eyes. She hears the gunshot (which? his? Or Layton's?) and the world dissolves into that same blinding white light for a moment. She thinks she sees the clock, ticking over. 9:06

And then he's standing again, touching her side, bashful, apologising. Sort of.

She chuffs a laugh, smiling up at him, appreciating the attempt.

"Sometimes in life, you can't help which way you fall."

The words twist in her mouth, and she feels the real truth behind them.
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She holds his gaze for just another moment. Maybe that's what she's here for. Maybe this world is giving her a chance to save him. With that thought in mind, she feels her strength beginning to return.

"Well there's only one thing for it."

She picks up the bottle.

"Let's fire up the Quattro."