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OOM: 3x02. It's a police investigation...

He wasn't at all keen on this dating agency idea when she suggested it. Seems a bit dodgy to him - for one thing, dating agencies are for tossers. For another, it's quite likely that a murderer is prowling around this one. And lastly, he doesn't really want her going on dates with any of them. Even the ones who are not murderers. Especially not them, really. She'd be more likely to see them again.

But there is more to it than that, of course. He doesn't like putting any of his team at unnecessary risk, and this seems like it's inviting it. Potentially meeting a killer in his arena, on his hunting ground, rather than on their terms. She's probably right though; it'll cause a proper ruckus if they go around interviewing all the blokes registered there, and might scare the murderer off. He's not having that. Not after what happened to all those women. So he does the only thing he can to keep her safe; he gets in there and takes one for the team.

Which is why they're in his office, with an application form each, and he's pouring them a drink. Everyone else has gone, except Shaz.

This is more how it used to be. He likes it.
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Alex puts Sam's file out of her thoughts, as best she can, and settles into her usual place across the desk from him. She can see from the cant of his shoulders, he's still not pleased with her for even bringing the subject up. And it doesn't matter, not in this moment, when they have a case before them and an excuse to be here, alone. She's missed this, truth be told.

'Thanks,' she murmurs, taking the drink from his hand, and going back to the task of flipping through the multi-page questionnaire. 'I have to wonder how much you can learn about a person from seeing their answers to all these superficial questions. It seems rather, well, desperate.'
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She glances up at him, an amused smirk looking quite at home on her face.

'He does rather fit the profile, doesn't he?'

She contemplates the Scotch in her glass, swirling it around, wondering whether or not to ask. It's not her place, is it. Bollocks.

'Don't suppose you ever thought about it?'

It's just a casual question, really. Nothing serious about it.
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'Don't get your knickers in a twist. It was just a question, Guv.' The way she's looking at him says otherwise, though he can't quite tell whether it's amusement or relief.

'I'd thought about it, once. A long time ago. But being a mother, and the book, took precedence.'

She glances across at his application, and quickly looks back at her own page, her pen hovering over the paper as she contemplates just what to put down. Is this Miss Winslow's application? Or her own? 'Hmm.'

This is looking to be a fair bit more complex than she'd anticipated.
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She chews on her lower lip, carefully printing her answers. Favourite artist. Wait, do they mean music? Or visual? Does she have a favourite painter or sculpter? No, that can't be what they mean. She'll come back to that one. Food, that one's easy. Also, a bit involved, but she supposes that will seem like she's taking this whole thing seriously.

'My book.'

This is relaxing, actually. She leans her chin on her hand and sips her drink, wondering why they don't do this sort of thing more often. He seems to be loosening up, if only just a bit. She knows the never-ending wall of paperwork behind him has taken its toll on him, but not nearly as much as having Keats asking all sorts of intrusive questions about the team, and about him. It's for that reason alone that she wants to shine on this case, to show D&C that they really do know what they're on about.
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Philosophy on the opposite sex: What does that even mean? Is she supposed to sum up all her issues in one succinct little text box? How is that even possible? Nevermind. Doesn't matter. She just starts writing.

A husband should be one's closest friend. A confidante. Reliable, trustworthy, and dependable. A man who enjoys spending time, who listens, and who isn't afraid to acknowledge his emotions. Someone strong, but sensitive, who understands that intimacy is about more than good sex.

She frowns as she runs out of space to write.

'Haven't worked on it since I got here,' she says, a bit distracted. 'Haven't really had the time, have I?'

She looks up at him, studying the lines in his face. She's determined that she's not going to ask why he barged into the Crescent Moon offices after she'd only been gone for ten minutes.
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'Writing is an honourable occupation, Gene. How else do you think we get books in the first place?' Honestly.

A real copper, she thinks. That's about as close a compliment as she could ever expect from him, so she'll take it. (She doesn't want to talk about Keats right now. Tomorrow will be soon enough.)

Again, she glances across at his page. 'You're almost done?'

That was quick.
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'Not quite.'

Her expression is a tad sceptical, but if that's what he'd like her to believe, then so be it. He likes people to believe he's a man of his upbringing, but he's a DCI. And you don't make rank like that by being an uneducated thug.

'Don't suppose you know what's going on with Shaz?'

She'd like to think he'll come up with something more astute than 'riding the cotton pony', but she'll never know unless she gives him the chance.
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She looks across at him for a long moment, chin on her fist, watching as he continues filling out the application with the same care and attention he does all his paperwork.

It's no good. Her curiosity gets the better of her every time.

'Why did you have to come crashing in like that? I was just getting some where with her.'
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'Can't stand not being in control, can you?'

She doesn't quite understand why he's so fixated on Keats. The man is only trying to do his job. It's not like he hasn't expressed an understanding for Gene's particular brand of law enforcement.
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And she knows it, just as sure as she knows her own name.

'Control freak.'

There's no bite in her tone, but she's not about to let him off scot free.
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She sits up a bit and straightens the page. As if he would even understand.

'It's personal.'
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Of course he is.

She takes a deep breath, recalling that summer in Paris. Her voice takes on a distant, almost dreamy tone as she remembers.

'I once had the most amazing roast foie gras with gooseberry, braised konbu and crab biscuit.'

Turn about's fair play, isn't it?

'What did you put?'
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And she would expect no less from him. Still, it feels natural. Comfortable. Sharing little details like this.

'Favourite artist?'
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'Herb Alpert?'

Not Johnny Cash? Or Elvis? She's taken aback.
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Sometimes she wonders if he practises that raw machismo in front of a mirror, because it feels like a put on. It really makes her wonder what he's thinking behind those eyes.

'George Bratt.'

She at least has the good sense to look a little chagrined at that revelation.
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'At least I'll get some replies.'

Let him think that, if it makes him happy. She takes up his application, looking down her nose as she reads aloud.

'Favourite drink? Bitter. But only from Central Manchester. Favourite film? High Noon.' Her voice rises a bit. She should have known that one, she thinks.

'Most admired person? Winston Churchill.' Impressive. She never figured him for a student of history. Could it be that she's seeing another side to him? Could that devastatingly attractive air of mystery be hiding untold depths?

Alas, no. She reads the next few lines and any hope of that is dispelled.

'Philosophy on the opposite sex. Maid in the living room, cook in the kitchen, whore in the bedroom.'

Now, that is classic Gene Hunt.
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And she is tired of his preening and tired of the façade. Really, some days, it's like it's all a big game to him. She despairs of ever finding a way through the morass of his issues. (When did she start wanting that? When did that appear on her list of priorities? Note to self, she thinks, write this one out again. Get your head on straight, and move passed it.)

'You know how many replies you're going to get? None.'

And she will be secretly relieved.

'Just off home, Guv.' Shaz's voice is flat and emotionless.

'Bye, Shaz.' Alex turns back to him, perplexed. 'What's the matter with that girl?'
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'Hasn't come out yet,' she murmurs.
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'Where does Shaz live?'

If he's not going to take an interest, then she'd best.
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'History will prove you wrong, Gene. I'm going to talk to her. You all right to close up by yourself?' She's standing as she asks, leaving her application in his hands.

It's as if she's being drawn along by some unseen force, compelled to follow the young woman, even as it takes her away from this rare opportunity, a moment's peace and quiet with him.