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OOM: 3x02, ii. Waiting for Shaz.

She's been looking antsy about this. And if he's being honest with himself, which he is, then he can kind of see why. Shaz is in there, meeting a murderer, and they're enough of a distance away that things could happen without them being able to get inside in time. Under normal circumstances, there's no way he'd let this happen.

But it isn't normal circumstances. They're trying to catch a serial killer. On top of that...well. There are things on top of that. But all that aside, he doesn't want her doubts rubbing off on the rest of the team. They're nervous enough, especially Chris. They have to present a united front on this. So he holds her back as the boys climb into the back of the van.

'Brew, lads?'

'Nice one, Guv.'

He jerks his head at Alex.

'C'mon, Bols. You can help me carry 'em.'
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She nods, casting an eye over Chris and Ray before looking back at him, the deepening lines around her eyes and mouth betraying her worry.

"Sure thing, Guv."

He knows how she feels about sending Shaz in alone, but she also knows what's a stake. And it's not just the case. She waits until they're a few steps away before speaking sotto voce.

"Try not to gloat, but my gut is telling me this is not a good idea."
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"It's not Shaz I'm worried about. She'll do whatever you ask her to do, won't she?"

Perhaps her tone is a bit sharp, and she regrets it immediately. Her shoulders fall and her tone grows quiet.

"Sorry. That was uncalled for."
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His seeming quietude galls her, and the edge in her voice tells him as much.

"I know she is. She types reports and fetches tea and biscuits like a good little plod. She's done it for so long, the fire in her belly has gone out. She's done it for so long, it's all she believes she can do."
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She fumes in silence for a long moment, glaring at his profile. It's not like him to be so distant, so disconnected.

"Gene, she's not like me. She's smart and passionate, but she's still finding her way." She's not used to being alone in her head for days, weeks, month's on end. She's afraid. (Alex knows what she sees when she looks in the mirror.)

"She needs her team. She needs you."
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"And for three years, you've treated her like a glorified secretary. Did it ever occur to you that beyond fitting this pervert's criteria, she's also severely lacking in field experience? You've kept her in a support role for so long, only to thrust her out of her comfort zone now, when she's already on the verge of quitting. I don't mean to question your judgement, Gene. I just -- I don't understand. Can you tell me what's going in your head? "
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She keeps pace with him, shoulder to shoulder, unconsciously mirroring his posture. She says nothing, only gives him a look, silently urging him to continue.
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She leans next to him, arms crossed, gaze focused in the distance. The very thought weighs her down. Shaz. Quitting. How did they get here?

"Do you remember the night she was stabbed?"
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The memory of that horrible night, and the weeks that followed, echoes through her thoughts.

"I thought..." She hesitates, her brow furrowed. "I thought, if she was ever going to falter, it would have been then. But when she came back to work, it was as if she'd only confirmed her belief, her calling as a copper."

She looks up, searching his expression.

"What happened? What changed?"
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Her gaze falls to the floor, and she nods. He's as lost as she is, and has been ever since her return. And he's right, this is her specialty, her own calling. Shaz is more than a colleague; she's family.

"I tried to talk to her about it, and you know how she gets."
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Again, she glances at him, clearly taken aback.

"Sort her out? Gene, she's not some -- suspect to be boxed about the head and shoulders until she gives up the goods. She's the future of this department, and if we fail her, we are the ones who will suffer the most."

It's clear she's upset at the situation, not at him.
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His question makes her pause, studying his features.

"I don't know, Gene. Where are we going?"
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She rolls her eyes, taking up her handful of cups, and a few extra napkins to boot.

"Fine. But I am going on record as saying I think this is a bad idea."
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She meets his gaze, and the worry lines around her eyes soften.

He knows his team. He knows them all, in his own way. And it would gut him to see her hurt, Alex knows that, as surely as she knows anything these days.

"You're probably right, but I can't help but worry about her."

About all of them.
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"That's why I'm telling you this here, away from the van."

He's still the one she counts on, regardless of anything else that's happened between them.

"It's Chris you'll need to watch out for."
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And sometimes, he is really self-centred, and misses completely that she's talking to him to keep her mind from wandering.

She sighs, fiddling with the cups in her hands, listening to the sound of their footsteps echoing up the street.

"Tetchy bastard."

There's no heat in the observation.
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And just like that, they're back to normal. If only for a moment.

She's loathe to break the spell, casting a sidelong glance at him, mirroring that smile. She walks the rest of the way in silence, shoulder to shoulder with him.