the_gene_genie: (Ashes 3x07 - Alone in Flat)
DCI Gene Hunt ([personal profile] the_gene_genie) wrote2012-06-21 09:57 pm
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OOM: Room 6620, #2

He opens the door and steps back, so she can walk in first. The smell of whiskey is pretty strong - there's a bottle lying on its side on the floor, with a wet patch spread around it. Apart from that, it looks pristine. Two double beds on one side, a TV and sofa and armchair on the other. A door leading to the bathroom at the back. Just like a large-ish hotel room. The only indication that he rents it is the huge poster over the bed, the one she got him.

He tosses his keys down on the small table, and puts his bottle down. The taste of it is driving him a bit mental, and his eyes ache to the point of pain. Doesn't matter. 

'Back in a sec.'

He needs to brush his teeth. And take just a second on his own to breathe.

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