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He slams his way out of the back door, with no more plan than to start looking and not  stop until he's found her. The beast itself is secondary at this point; he wants Alex back, and he'll do what he has to to make it happen.

He starts with a cursory look around the lake. It's just to rule it out; no animal is going to linger around an exposed space on its own, especially when its so popular with humans. So when that's done, he heads to the forest.  It isn't that cold anymore, but the wind is getting up something fierce, and it's going to rain any minute. He doesn't give a toss. Let it rain.

The problem with the forest is that it's bloody massive, and even in his rage, he knows there's next to no chance of just stumbling across the thing when he's out here on his own. A couple of hours later, he's hot and wet through, and more furious than before. He stops to rest his back against a tree, and wipe water off his face.  This isn't working. Maybe try somewhere where a bloke on his own has got more chance. He can always go back and recruit help for the woods later. So, he takes a bridle path he's familiar with, and walks on towards the mountains. He shoves his hands in his pockets, and buries his chin in his collar - and because of that, he almost misses the shadow that crosses the path up ahead. Almost.

His gun is in his hand half a second later. For once, he doesn't shout. If this is what he's looking for, he's not about to scare it off now.

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It is tall, and its gait is uneven; it has long horns, shaggy fur, and chains jangle from its wrists; when it steps on the bridle path, it is quite clearly visible.
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It dawdles up the hill, humming something simple in a rough, unpleasant voice, like a wolf trying to sing 'Jingle Bells'.

The fur is very long and shaggy, and there is a whiff of wet wool.
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The creature doesn't seem to mind the weather; it wanders on, occasionally ripping a dead branch off a bush as if picking flowers.

The chains are rusty, and hang from heavy manacles; but the monster doesn't seem to mind.
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It turns around.

Its face is hideous, and the tongue, long and red.
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It pokes a long claw into its fur, brings forth a bullet, and drops it on the ground.

The long horns shake, the shaggy mane flies. "Mine!"
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The monster touches its forehead, looking puzzled and squinting at its long clawed finger.
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The monster has long teeth, and it bites, almost playfully, at the gun.
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"Mine!" the monster says, with a horrid smirk.

A long claw pokes Gene, almost playfully. It is very sharp.
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The creature looks at him, and laughs.

Then, it turns around and starts walking away again, but faster, just a tiny bit faster than Gene can possibly keep up with.

While it walks, it starts singing again, a wordless hum of great ugliness. It sounds as if it was cruelly murdering the ancient tune of Quem Pastores Laudavere.
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When silence returns, suddenly, there is a crashing noise ahead, and the monster comes back, charging right at Gene now his gun is empty.

It whacks him around the ears a few times with the bouquet of dead branches it has collected. It stinks of smoke and wet fur.

Then it jumps over him, crashes into the bushes, and runs, still singing, up the mountainside.-