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He's glad when she rides them out of town, away from where anyone might see this. It makes sense, of course. It'd be a bit stupid for her to be teaching him how to do this stuff in full view of the people who think he already knows how.

It feels weird to be back in the saddle after a few days out of it, though. Hurts, too. He'd thought these aches were going away but nope, they were only asleep. So it's a bit of an uncomfortable ride, especially coupled with the heat. He doesn't moan though. He'll be in trouble if she changes her mind about helping him here.
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Even by 70s standards, this place is basic. But it looks brilliant to him, because it's real - proper, authentic Old West chairs, and tables; wooden floor and burning candles, and the smell of the desert right outside the door. It'll do him. Anything else just wouldn't be the same.

They're shown to a table and he makes sure to sit opposite her. All very proper. There doesn't seem to be too many other people here, which is good, because he hasn't yet worked out what counts as inappropriate for her, and it'd be all too easy for him to open his big trap and say the wrong thing. All too easy to mess this up, and get her into trouble.

As soon as a waiter comes near, he says, 'Whiskey. Double, no ice. Two of 'em.'

The food can wait until after.

OOM: Texas

May. 17th, 2011 08:30 pm
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It's been a long old day, no matter what way he looks at it. For a start, getting back on the horse was one of the most painful things he's ever had to do, and it didn't ease once he was up there. If anything, it's worse now. Subjecting hurt muscles to the same thing that hurt them in the first place, and doing it for hours on end, is not his idea of a good time.

For second, they've barely said a word to each other all day. He can't figure it out. She doesn't seem angry, like she was this morning. She doesn't seem sour; she's not cutting him down when he does speak. She's just...not talking. After a couple of hours of it, he decided that probably meant she was done with him - somehow, figuring this out has not made his mood better. He usually likes figuring out where he stands, but this one brings no satisfaction. And he keeps expecting her to bring it up again, like women usually do, but so far, nothing.

So it's been an awkward day. It's been an awkward, bloody hot day, with not enough alcohol in it. But the vista has been as glorious as ever - he's kept his eyes firmly on the area they're riding through. It's been changing, he's noticed. Greener, for a start. Different sorts of animals, more trees. He assumes this is what she wants, and doesn't ask any of the questions that have been threatening to spill for a while now.


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