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2013-11-28 11:37 pm
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He wastes no time in getting himself upstairs. He's only been dreaming of this kind of scenario for about three years now; he'd be lying if he tried to claim he weren't a bit nervous, but it's the good kind of nerves. He's definitely not going to let them stop him enjoying this.

Fifteen minutes, she said. That gives him time to have a quick wash and brush his teeth, and chuck a few glasses of Scotch down his throat. It crosses his mind that he might have time to give himself some relief before she gets here too, in the interests of making it last; he's in two minds though, and she'll be here any second. So he leaves it, and forces himself to go and sit on the sofa instead, and just wait.

He's never been the best at sitting still. She might think anticipation's the best part, but this is torture.

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2012-10-07 11:11 pm

OOM: Room 6620, #6

He knows he's probably in trouble as he drags himself up the stairs. He only went down to have a quick pint, and pick up some more wine. He's been gone about five hours now, he estimates, though it's really hard to care. Sitting on the garage floor after a scrap has left him stiff as a board, and freezing cold. The half bottle of Scotch - not to mention Guppy smacking him on the melon a few times - means his head's pounding. Everything aches, and he wants nothing more than to climb into a warm bed, and stay there forever.

But he can't do that. Enough of this. He's been trying so hard, but it's time to throw in the towel. He can't go through another encounter like that. All that's left is to tell her.

He lets himself into their room quietly, half hoping she'll be asleep but knowing he'd have to wake her up anyway.
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2012-09-04 09:52 pm
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OOM: Room 6620, #5

[Following this:]

True to his word, he's only another fifteen minutes or so. He even remembers the bottle of wine she wanted, as well as another of Scotch to make sure the room's well-stocked.

He does smell of beer a bit though - occupational hazard - and smoke. Not that it would ever bother him, but women seem strangely adverse to such things. 

'What's for dinner?'

Bloody hell, this is like being married.
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2012-07-30 01:12 am

OOM: Room 6620, #4

 He hadn't dozed for long yesterday. And it had been another restless night, although not as bad as before - he still gave up in the end though, and slipped out of bed before Alex woke up. He thought she'd be awake by the time he got out of the shower, but no. 

He went downstairs for a pint. Ridiculous really, at that time of morning, but he always recommended the pub after long operations that finished in the morning, so why should now be any different?  

Of course, he got a bit more than he bargained for.

Which is why he's not trying to be quiet when he comes back into the room. If she wakes up, good. She needs to hear this.
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2012-07-13 12:19 am

OOM: 6620, #3

He holds the door open for her again, steps aside so she can go first. It feels like the right thing to do.

'Rats'll bring tea in a minute.'
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2012-06-28 11:56 pm

OOM: Room 6620, #3

The evening did pass smoothly, and it's been a long time since he's been so grateful for anything. OK, there was the inevitable drifting of his thoughts back to recent - and not so recent - events, but it helped to have a distraction. He forced himself to concentrate on what happened with her today, and it gave him some respite. In hindsight, maybe he shouldn't have picked up The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - he's seen it too many times to get fully lost in it.

Still. As things stand, he's got no complaints. But now it's over, and they do have to make an attempt at sleeping again. So he's in the bathroom, freshly out of the shower, newly shaved, and telling himself firmly that restraint is the order of the day, here.

Definitely a tad nervous when he emerges into the room, though.
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2012-06-25 10:18 am

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Hours later, he couldn't honestly say if he's had any sleep or not. It's like hovering on the edge of consciousness, one foot in the land of the awake and lucid, the other firmly planted in the realm of nightmares. He jerks from images of blood and that gun, and his family, to Alex lying on his chest, comfortingly warm in the crook of his arm. Never awake, never asleep, and it gets to a point he can't stand anymore. During one of the more aware stretches, he jabs himself with a fingernail to make it stop, using the pain to bring himself back. He extracts himself from her, and  heads to the bathroom. It's probably a good thing he destroyed the mirror. He doesn't want to see what he looks like at the moment.

The idea of lying down again is unbearable. He needs to move, but he's still too tired. Should go for a walk or something, but he can't contemplate dragging himself all the way downstairs and outside. He pulls his dressing gown from the wardrobe and lights a fag instead, pacing around the other end of the room a bit. Eventually, he sits down and sticks the TV on, flicking through endless channels (one of which, he notes vaguely, seems to be aimed at squid) until he finds football. England even. Euro 2012. 

It'll do. He mutes the sound so she isn't disturbed, folds himself up in one corner of the sofa, and stares blankly at the screen. By the time the game's up, the night should be over. It feels like the first step on a long road, getting through this endless night. If he can do that, everything else should be a doddle.

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2012-06-21 09:57 pm
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OOM: Room 6620, #2

He opens the door and steps back, so she can walk in first. The smell of whiskey is pretty strong - there's a bottle lying on its side on the floor, with a wet patch spread around it. Apart from that, it looks pristine. Two double beds on one side, a TV and sofa and armchair on the other. A door leading to the bathroom at the back. Just like a large-ish hotel room. The only indication that he rents it is the huge poster over the bed, the one she got him.

He tosses his keys down on the small table, and puts his bottle down. The taste of it is driving him a bit mental, and his eyes ache to the point of pain. Doesn't matter. 

'Back in a sec.'

He needs to brush his teeth. And take just a second on his own to breathe.
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2012-06-18 08:52 pm
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OOM: 3x07 (iii)

OOM: 3x07 (iii) )

He knows where, and he knows what’s supposed to happen next.

‘Bottle of red, Luigi. An’ two glasses.’

~ ~ ~
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2012-06-15 12:41 pm
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OOM: 3x07 (i)



~ ~ ~ 

This is probably the time he should be out among the troops, rallying spirits. He can’t bring himself to bother. There aren’t any major on-going cases. He’s free to stand in his office with his back to whatever they’re talking about out there, and stare out of the window.

He’s too tired for any of this. When he hears her come into the office – no one else would enter without knocking – he doesn’t look around.

‘Bugger off, I’m grieving.’

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2011-08-27 08:29 pm
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OOM: 3x02, ii. Waiting for Shaz.

She's been looking antsy about this. And if he's being honest with himself, which he is, then he can kind of see why. Shaz is in there, meeting a murderer, and they're enough of a distance away that things could happen without them being able to get inside in time. Under normal circumstances, there's no way he'd let this happen.

But it isn't normal circumstances. They're trying to catch a serial killer. On top of that...well. There are things on top of that. But all that aside, he doesn't want her doubts rubbing off on the rest of the team. They're nervous enough, especially Chris. They have to present a united front on this. So he holds her back as the boys climb into the back of the van.

'Brew, lads?'

'Nice one, Guv.'

He jerks his head at Alex.

'C'mon, Bols. You can help me carry 'em.'
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2011-08-02 12:17 am
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OOM: 3x02. It's a police investigation...

He wasn't at all keen on this dating agency idea when she suggested it. Seems a bit dodgy to him - for one thing, dating agencies are for tossers. For another, it's quite likely that a murderer is prowling around this one. And lastly, he doesn't really want her going on dates with any of them. Even the ones who are not murderers. Especially not them, really. She'd be more likely to see them again.

But there is more to it than that, of course. He doesn't like putting any of his team at unnecessary risk, and this seems like it's inviting it. Potentially meeting a killer in his arena, on his hunting ground, rather than on their terms. She's probably right though; it'll cause a proper ruckus if they go around interviewing all the blokes registered there, and might scare the murderer off. He's not having that. Not after what happened to all those women. So he does the only thing he can to keep her safe; he gets in there and takes one for the team.

Which is why they're in his office, with an application form each, and he's pouring them a drink. Everyone else has gone, except Shaz.

This is more how it used to be. He likes it.
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2010-11-23 12:38 am
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OOM: Let's fire up the Quattro

He'd kept a cab waiting, all the better to make a quick exit. He supposes it doesn't really make a difference now though, except the fact that he'd rather they come for him when he's already back in his office and not out here on the street like a scumbag.

She looks knackered. He doesn't say anything but does keep his eyes on her from behind his shades. Seeing her again, alive and awake - he can't articulate to himself how relieved he is. How right this feels, having her back.

But it doesn't stop it being awkward too. Impossible for it not to be, really. He did shoot her.