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It's not that often they have the whole weekend off. Someone must be smiling down at them though because it's happened - for Gene, that means the match at Maine Road (and City pull off a frankly magnificent win against the poncey Londoners), home for the wife's dinner and then the pub, where he knows he'll be met by his team for a big night.

He knows this, because he told them so the night before, stalking out of his office at six to bellow;

'Weekend off, you lot! You know what that means. Railway Arms, half six tomorrow and raid your piggy banks. Any of you fairies cry off, I'll have you cleanin' the cells all of next week, got it?'

There had been mutterings of 'Yes, Guv' from all around the room and none of them had seemed reluctant - not even Tyler, really - so he knows it'll be a good 'un. It was slightly confusing to find a note in his pocket, in his own handwriting, informing him that he's got a bet on with Sam but that sort of thing has been happening more and more recently, so he's getting used to it, even if he still doesn't understand it. It generally works out in the end though.

So, when he stalks into the Railway Arms (ten minutes late, so they'll all be there and waiting) he doesn't even look around before hailing the room in general.

'Who's got me pint in, then?'
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Gene holds the door open for her with a small smile. The view outside is of a street, red brick houses and a car parked on the corner. There's a high-rise behind the houses; it's all typically 70s. If Kate looks back behind them when the door's closed, she'll see a regular looking pub with a sign hanging near the door, declaring it to be The Railway Arms.

She'll also see Gene standing stock still, glaring at her like she's standing right in his way. Which she is, as far as he's concerned. She might also note that there is not a single spark of recognition on his face.

'You gonna shift yer arse, luv, or am I goin' to 'ave t'do it for ya?'


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