the_gene_genie: (Ashes - B&W Alex)
DCI Gene Hunt ([personal profile] the_gene_genie) wrote2010-11-23 12:38 am
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OOM: Let's fire up the Quattro

He'd kept a cab waiting, all the better to make a quick exit. He supposes it doesn't really make a difference now though, except the fact that he'd rather they come for him when he's already back in his office and not out here on the street like a scumbag.

She looks knackered. He doesn't say anything but does keep his eyes on her from behind his shades. Seeing her again, alive and awake - he can't articulate to himself how relieved he is. How right this feels, having her back.

But it doesn't stop it being awkward too. Impossible for it not to be, really. He did shoot her.

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