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Going undercover in the pub had seemed like a great idea - one of Sam's few good ones - for the simple reason that the shift was scheduled for a Friday night and he was going to be going out getting pissed anyway, so he might as well do it at someone else's expense. He knew they'd never get anything out of the United supporters because he knows that the United supporters don't know anything. It's a football crime. The people who know about it are going to, unfortunately, be the City fans.

One shift, and one bellyful of beer, later and they had nothing to show for it but his enormous hangover and his smug conviction that he'd been right all along. Oh, and a massive bruise on his shoulder from the regrettable incident with the table but heigh ho, injuries in the line of duty are inevitable.
* * *

Tyler bursts into his office as excited as a virgin in a brothel, babbling on about how one of the United faithful was the murderer. They'd been told in the pub that there was going to be a scrap over this death and maybe, just maybe, it was all a ruse to pit the fans against each other and bring the city up to fever pitch on match day.

He likes this idea for one simple reason, and points a sky-blue dart at his DI.

'So the City fans are innocent?'


'In that case, I approve of yer findin's.'

Little bastard's right an' all. In a way. Turns out it was a United fan that killed Colin Clay but as Gene's keen to point out, it was him that said it was a football crime all along. Pompous git refuses to apologise though and Tyler dares to call him childish?

He'd argue the point but it appears his Sergeant needs a lesson in what happens to bastards who call in sick to go watch the big match. So he takes off after him, happy with life and looking forward to getting down the pub to celebrate another scumbag behind bars. pub's as good as another, right?


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